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Learn about Teddy Bear Earrings

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On our website, we have two types of Teddy Bear earrings. We offer a range of hollow and solid teddy Bear earrings, as well as cubic zirconia choices to meet your fashion needs. Are you having trouble deciding which option is right for you? We will be discussing the differences in our chunky teddy Bear earrings and our more cut out style earrings.

Earrings for a Teddy Bear:


Our Chunky Teddy Bear Earrings are minimalist in design and feature fun fashion. The clasp is simple, and the gemstones have been carefully set in gold. The solid style earrings feature a design made of solid gold with inlayed Cubic Zirconia. These earrings come as a set of two and arrive in a lovely carrying case. Our bears measure in at 9mm and 0.8mm respectively. It is a simple yet striking fashion piece that is both subtle and striking. The base of this earring is made from 925 sterling Silver with an 18kt gold plating. The AAA cubic Zirconia, which is used to make the inside shine, gives it a stylish and high-end fashion look. Also available in silver, the earrings offer a different style. Pick one of the two styles or combine them to create a unique gift.

You can make teddy bear earrings.


The cutout teddy-bear earrings has a slightly unique design. These cut-out teddy bear earrings don't have the same look as solid gold or pure silver, but they do have a more subtle design. These earrings are made with a cutout of a teddy bear and have no gem stones like our chunky teddybear earrings. These are a great choice for anyone who wants a more delicate or lighter style earring. The earrings can come in a gold- or silver-colored configuration. The material thickness of the earrings is.08mm. An upgraded length of tenmm is also available. The earrings have a simple design and a push-back closure. The 18kt. Gold plated 925 sterling is a lightweight and brightly coloured metal that offers the best in comfort. The earring cutout can go with almost any outfit. It is an excellent choice for gifting or to accentuating outfits.

Both shipping costs and delivery can easily be handled online. You will receive your earrings in a beautiful carry case.

These would make a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys teddy bears. They are durable and comfortable, making them ideal for everyday wear.

For more styles, visit our collections of earrings today!

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