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What Are Your Favorite Sustainable Jewelry Brands?

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Hello fellow jewelry lovers! I'm on a mission to make more eco-conscious choices in my life, and that includes the jewelry I buy. I'm interested in discovering sustainable jewelry brands that focus on ethical sourcing, recycled materials, and fair labor practices.

I've done some research online, but I'd love to hear your personal recommendations and experiences with sustainable jewelry brands. Which brands do you love, and what makes them stand out in terms of sustainability and style? Bonus points for any brands that offer a wide range of options, from affordable everyday pieces to special occasion jewelry.

Thanks in advance for sharing your favorite sustainable jewelry brands and helping me make more informed choices! 😊

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Hey Mariott! I think it's fantastic that you're looking for sustainable jewelry brands. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Soko: Soko offers ethically-made, modern jewelry crafted by artisans in Kenya using locally-sourced, recycled materials. Their pieces are unique and stylish, and they're committed to empowering their artisans through fair wages and business training.
  2. AUrate New York: This brand offers fine jewelry made from ethically-sourced gold and diamonds. They use recycled gold, and all of their diamonds are conflict-free. Plus, they have a transparent supply chain and give back to local communities through their partnership with Room to Read.
  3. Melissa Joy Manning: Melissa Joy Manning is a designer who creates handcrafted jewelry using recycled metals and responsibly-sourced gemstones. Her designs are stunning, and she's a founding member of the Ethical Metalsmiths organization.

For more sustainable jewelry brands and tips on how to shop ethically for jewelry, you can check out The Good Trade's guide on the topic.

I hope you find these recommendations helpful in your search for beautiful, eco-conscious jewelry! 😊