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Yannis was practically born into the world of precious stones - the lifelong Athenian spent his youth in the showroom of his diamond merchant relatives – and he still gets a thrill every day from watching diamonds glitter.

A love affair that began with collecting and trade and evolved into fashion design much later on in life. In the aftermath of completing a full diamond circle, he transitioned to launching his own brand, developing ideas that grew from his background and Greece's notable heritage in jewellery-making, while being driven by his ability to create pieces that have a sense of past craftsmanship while also possessing a contemporary energy.

The success of the house's characteristic Charnières, which served as an early demonstration of his point of view in the field of wearable fine jewellery design, is a monument to his influence.

Yannis, a proponent of buying less, believes that people should take the time to appreciate and cherish each and every item of art that comes into their possession.

Diamonds that are used on a daily basis. Delicate, graceful, and ethereal, they are intended to be worn rather than to draw attention away from the person who is wearing them. The pieces in this collection define the concepts of discrete luxury and fascinating simplicity; they are examples of craftsmanship characterized by speed and devotion. Each item is introduced at its own pace, when it is finished and ready to be released from the studio.

Beautiful moments, a book, a stroll, a nice night, chats with friends, chuckles, the sparkle of a Cycladic wine, islands, and emotions serve as sources of inspiration for the author. The issue is to figure out how to combine the two timeless emblems of gold and diamonds to produce a design that consistently expresses these feelings.


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Address: Valaoritou 5, Athina 106 71, Greece

Athens, Ohio, United States


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