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A Brief History of Jill Atkins' Design Company: In 1995, Jill Atkins formed an organization that not only represented her longtime passion for fashion, but also recognized the inspiration and spirit of individuals all around the world. Because her father served in the Air Force, Jill grew up in a diverse environment that included many various cultures. She went with her family to some of the most spectacular locations on the planet and returned home inspired to share her love with others. Through her studies under the renowned designer Kenneth D. King in San Francisco, CA, Jill polished her creative abilities, and within three years of founding her business, a piece from Jill's collection was permanently placed at the White House.
Jill and her husband, Gary, live in the state of Nevada.

Jill's sources of inspiration include:

Jill has shifted her design focus away from traditional clothes and into one-of-a-kind accessories to complement her apparel lines. She takes the same approach with her new collections as she does with her previous ones: personal, one-of-a-kind, and entirely manufactured by Jill herself in her Reno studio. Jill infuses each item with her ongoing passion for high-quality materials and handmade presentation, which she achieves by fusing her sense of modern style with classic roots.

It is her foreign travels as well as her desire to make a personal connection with life that serve as inspiration for her jewelry lines. In Jill's timeless works, she incorporates beautiful natural elements, a nostalgic longing for the past, and an open heart for "memories in the making."

Jill's clients are also a significant source of inspiration for her. She gladly invites feedback from her clients and takes pleasure in collaborating with them to create pieces that represent each client's individual life experiences.

Jill's Collections include the following items:

Each piece of jewelry is designed by Jill herself, and all of the materials used are carefully chosen and assembled. Jill also does all of the assembly herself. She handcrafts every detail of each item, including the chains that are custom crafted for each piece. No two items are exactly same, regardless of whether the consumer is purchasing an item for a special event or for regular use.

The handcrafted jewelry and bridal bags are available as consignment works of art from the artist. During the process of creating a highly-personal, remarkable item that conjures the event, personality, and connection inherent in the "life" of the moment, each customer is consulted extensively.

The collections will evolve over time, as will any artistic undertakings. With the sale of each item and the introduction of fresh ideas, the work will continue to evolve. Jill hopes that you will embrace both the present and the future.


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Address: 10880 N Red Rock Rd, Reno, NV 89508

Reno, Nevada, United States


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