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My mother, who possessed great musical ability as well as a beautiful operatic voice, was, I believe, always a bit disappointed when her children failed to develop much more than a passing interest in musical instruments. Although it has come to me after many years of spectators praising my designs as "lyrical," as having a "expressive fluidity" and feeling of movement, it has occurred to me that perhaps Mom's heritage has just revealed itself in a new way.

I work as a solitary artist, designing and fabricating my jewelry using traditional goldsmithing processes to create my pieces. I start by sketching out a design on paper and deciding on the materials I'll be working with. For example, I prefer mixing metals of varying hues and finishes, a single stone as the center of attention, or a "suite" of stones in complementary colors and forms, and inlay materials such as ebony or Corian Marble for further detail. After that, I sculpt my model in wax, creating and cutting each mounting to match the stone that will be utilized in the piece. The final model is then taken to a casting house where it is cast in karat gold alloys using the "lost wax" method, and it is then returned to me in the form of a rough casting for the remainder of the assembly and finishing.

I will repeat many of my designs one at a time when they sell, but many of my works are one-of-a-kind, so please keep that in mind. A common occurrence is that I will add or alter a detail or modify a mounting to accommodate a different stone, resulting in a series of related designs, none of which are exactly alike; however, I have discovered that some pieces have a "single best solution," and I will replicate that solution in a very small quantity.


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Morton Grove, Illinois, United States


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