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Ayesha Mayadas is a metalsmith and artisan who gives a fresh perspective to fine jewelry with her distinctive creations that are inspired by her personal investigation of opposites. The author was born in Calcutta, India, and grew up in Upstate New York. Despite being an artist at heart, I was trained as an engineer. Yet, despite her deep-seated ties to history, her aesthetic is unquestionably contemporary. Her work is flowing, yet it is also well defined. The look is bohemian while still being fashionable.

Featuring organic lines and flowing shapes, each piece of jewelry is crafted to precisely compliment the contours and profile of the feminine body. Ayesha Mayadas Jewelry is designed with the wearer in mind from conception to completion. It is timeless jewelry that becomes a part of you over time — jewelry that will last a life time and beyond.

Beautiful to the point of being breath-taking. Crafted with care and precision.
Ayesha creates her jewelry with precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, and gemstones. She is known for her rigorous attention to detail and her excellent workmanship. Using only the finest materials, Ayesha personally creates and crafts each one-of-a-kind item. Several studio helpers aid her in the creation of both production and limited edition pieces.

Initially fascinated in conventional silversmithing, she mastered hammering and shaping methods and fell in love with the capacity to make sculptural and abstract vessels out of copper, silver, and steel. She now works exclusively with copper, silver, and steel. She was inspired by the smooth curves and furrows that water carves into the ground and stone when it flows through it. Movement and fluidity were important features of these sculptures, and they can still be seen in her current work. In 2004, she transitioned from manufacturing containers to designing jewelry, employing some of the same skills she had mastered while working on the vessels. Her favorite tool in the studio continues to be the hammer.




The Life of Ayesha


Ayesha Mayadas was born in Calcutta, India, and migrated to Rochester, New York, when she was fifteen years old. She had always been an artist at heart, and she experimented with jewelry making in her kitchen while pursuing a "practical" job in Textile Engineering at the same time. Her job required her to travel regularly to Zurich, Switzerland, where she spent many hours wandering the streets of the ancient city and gazing into the little store fronts of jewelry ateliers and boutiques. After thirteen years working as a Textile Engineer, she made the decision to start over and turn her goal of owning an atelier become a reality. To further her education, she enrolled in the Rochester Institute of Technology to seek a Master's degree in Metal Arts. Her studio in Rochester, New York, was created in 2000. After years of planning, it was finally time to take the next step toward opening an art jewelry gallery as an extension of her workshop in 2007. This is how the current location in Englewood, New Jersey came to be established.


Handcrafted, artisan jewelry of high quality, unique design, inventive wearable art conceptualized and created by Ayesha Studio Jewelry.

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Address: 21 N Dean St, Englewood, NJ 07631

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