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We are Aurora's Apothecary, a rapidly developing small business that began in the backyard of Wisconsin's capital city. Offering the purest types of herbs, teas, tinctures, and topicals to assist you in preserving your body's natural balance. Mrs. Melissa Adlebush (also known as Mrs. Aurora Herself) founded the company more than 15 years ago and has been a professional herbalist for more than 35 years. The secrets of plants are something we like sharing with others. We are certified by "Something Special from Wisconsin," have State Certified manufacturing facilities, and are a member of the NIRC Truth in Labeling Pledge.

Are you interested in adopting a more natural way of life but aren't sure where to begin? At Aurora's Apothecary, the specialists provide invaluable knowledge as well as an unlimited supply of homegrown, handcrafted things suitable for each occasion. Whether you're looking for unique hand-blended teas or 100 percent pure essential oils, they have a large selection and an almost limitless number of options.

The herbal supplements, incense resin and cones or sticks, and a wide range of other natural items are all available in our store.. Most of our components and merchandise come from herbalists who have produced and processed the products in our labs, as opposed to traditional manufacturers. No matter if you're looking for an insect repellant, headache treatment, or a natural method to relax, the knowledgeable team at Aurora's Apothecary can guide you to the right solution for your needs. They feature a wide variety of products, ranging from elderberry cough syrup to sleep tinctures.

We not only assist you in meeting your holistic requirements, but we also provide seminars and activities to help you advance your understanding of alternative medicine. Courses such as a six-month herbal education program that meets every other week can assist you in discovering the potential of natural treatments in your life. Learn about herbs that are native to your area and those you are acquainted with so that you may make more informed decisions about what you are putting into your body.


Located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Aurora's Apothecary prides ourselves with a hands-on approach. We grow herbs and hand make all our products. We offer a wide array of classes, ranging from herbs to chakras to belly dance. We also have in-house psychics, readers, healers, and an in-house yoga studio (Unknown Yogi.)

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Address: 1607 N Richmond St, Appleton, WI 54911

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States


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