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Ashley is fascinated by patterns, and how they inform, link, and define our sense of location, whether they are found in ancient textiles or the modern city grid. Ashley converts a range of precious metals into her own one-of-a-kind line of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, all of which are inspired by her artistic vision. With silver, brass, and copper as her primary materials, Ashley develops a trademark design that is both casual and approachable while yet being very personal and modern. Gold, fresh water pearls, and delicate Swarovski crystals are deliberately used into each of her handcrafted pieces to embellish, accent, and balance the overall look.


I've been an artist for the most of my life. Others had figured it out before I did. Even my third-grade classmate, who was seated next to me, was aware of it. However, for a long time, I was unsure of what that phrase meant.

Not until I relocated across the nation to Portland, Oregon with the love of my life did I come to terms with my artistic tendencies entirely and completely. In Portland, I was finally able to pursue a lifelong ambition of mine: to make use of my artistic abilities while also being my own boss. Nothing was more important to me than being able to support myself via my hobby of jewelry creation. I was able to do this via hard effort and dedication.


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Jewelry designer

Address: Civilian Studios in, 2210 N Lewis Ave, Portland, OR 97227

Troutdale, Oregon, United States


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