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Concerning the Origins of Ancient Creations
Ancient Creations is a retail and manufacturing company situated in Las Vegas that specializes in the selling of rare, ancient coin jewelry and relics, as well as the manufacture of such items. Ancient Creations sources and purchases authentic, rare coins and artifacts from auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's, speciality dealers, and individual collectors all around the world, including the United States. These coins are then transported to Las Vegas, where skilled jewelers employed by Ancient Creations create and set each piece into one-of-a-kind pieces of handcrafted jewelry. Each coin jewelry and artifact purchased by a client is accompanied by a historical certificate and a guarantee of authenticity that is created at the time of purchase.


Ancient Creations is now operating out of a state-of-the-art production facility. We are able to accelerate and supply unique designs and other services because we have master jewelers on staff and an in-house design team. We do not have to rely on other suppliers to complete these tasks. Due to the individuality of each coin and item, the handwork offered by these expert artisans is required.


Antique coins and artifacts dating back thousands of years are genuinely one-of-a-kind and rare historical gems. Everything we create is unique, certified authentic, and generated throughout the time periods that have been requested. A Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a Letter of Guarantee, will be included with each piece you purchase. Share your knowledge of the ancient world. Today is the day to own a piece of history.


The Leader in Authentic Rare Coin Jewelry and Artifacts

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Address: 1800 S Industrial Rd # 200, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Sunrise Manor, Nevada, United States


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