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The Seybold Building is Florida's top jewelry hub and the second biggest jewelry building in the United States, with a total floor area of 200,000 square feet. The Seybold building, conveniently located in the center of downtown Miami, has serviced millions of clients over the course of 30 years; over the course of 25 of those years, Albert has established himself as one of the most trusted salesmen in the whole building.

On the first floor of the Seybold, Albert Albaladejo created Albert's Exquisite Jewelers in 2009, allowing him to share his deep knowledge of GIA diamonds and fine jewelry with the public. Albert takes great delight in leading clients, whether old and new, through a tailored journey that extends beyond a shopping experience to a deeper understanding of themselves. Albert will assist you in selecting the one-of-a-kind artworks that speak to you on a personal level, using his humor and charm.


We at Albert's Fine Jewelers are passionate about assisting our customers through the process of making an informed jewelry purchasing decision. The more you know about diamonds, the more equipped you will be to make an informed decision; this is why we believe that education is essential in the diamond industry. Albert has amassed a wealth of information about GIA diamonds, both in the classroom and from his years of experience in the industry. For this reason, you may buy with confidence from us since we sell only natural and certified diamonds that have never been treated with color or improved in any way. Learn about the 4 Cs of diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight, and then schedule a meeting with Albert to discuss your diamond options.


While the form of a diamond is important (round, emerald, or pear), the cut of a diamond relates to the specific shape and location of the diamond's facets, as well as how effectively those facets interact with the surrounding light. Because diamonds are famous for their ability to transmit light and shine vividly, the cut of a diamond is possibly the most essential component in defining a diamond's overall attractiveness. In order for a diamond's dimensions, symmetry, and polish to provide the dazzle we seek, exact artistry and craftsmanship are required.


The best fine jewelry in Miami, Florida.

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Address: 36 NE 1st St STE 108, Miami, FL 33132

Allapattah, Florida, United States


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