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How to choose the most suitable for their jewelry? These 5 steps will be enough!

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Let's see how the connoisseurs choose jewelry, just 5 steps, for you to choose the best jewelry.

And regardless of men and women, if you have a suitable jewelry, then not only can give their face and temperament points, and can make their own future decorations selection, more comfortable, have their own thinking judgment, and will not be unscrupulous business brainwashing fool.

I think this is extremely important. So next, we will bring you a set of exclusive jewelry methods

One, according to your wearing parts to pick
Jewelry development so far, there are many interesting wearing parts.

Those worn on the ears: earrings, studs, earrings.

worn on the neck: necklaces, pendants.

worn on the nose: nose rings.

worn on the hands: rings; bracelets; bracelets.

worn on the head: crowns.

On the feet: anklets.

On the chest: brooches.

Later estimated that there is a newer strange way to wear, then we want to pick a suitable jewelry for themselves, certainly have to determine where to buy to wear, which is the first step in the selection.

Second, according to your style preferences to pick
Jewelry is also a work of art, there are many styles, such as animal jewelry, bohemian jewelry.

But the style of jewelry classification is not so clear, according to geographical points, there are Oriental style, European and American style, etc.; according to the country, there are French, Italian, Chinese and other styles.

More systematic is divided into broad categories: classical style; ethnic style; natural style; artistic style; fashionable style; weird style.

Jewelry belongs to the durable goods, certainly have to pick their favorite style, in order to love it and never get tired of it.

Third, according to your face shape, skin color, body features to pick
To pick a suitable for their own jewelry, there is an important principle: to use the style and material characteristics of jewelry, for their face shape, skin color, body features to play a role in improving the strengths and avoiding weaknesses. This is also an important reason why we should wear jewelry.

1, face shape.

(1) round face: should not wear round earrings, suitable for wearing linear, dangle type earrings.

Jewelry and face shape with, pay attention to a complementary, can complement each other.

If the face itself is round, or the contour of the face is more curved, then if you wear the same rounded earrings, it looks more round, can be described as "round and round".

But if a round face wears long, straight, dangling earrings, it will visually give a sense of elongation, and at a glance, the round face will not look so round, but feel elongated, and look more like a goose egg silhouette.

(2) long face / melon face / triangle face: should not wear slender jewelry, suitable to wear short and horizontal proportion of jewelry.

To sum up the same reason, if your face is longer, the chin is more pointed and more prominent, then if you also wear slender jewelry, it will give a sense of visual elongation.

Just imagine, the face is long enough, but also in the visual continue to elongate, that does not become a big horse face. So, you have to wear shorter, horizontal accounted for a relatively large earrings, it can visually expand horizontally, so that your face does not look long.

(3) Square face: not suitable to wear square geometric shape earrings, suitable to wear curved slender earrings and longer necklaces.

But note that although square face is not suitable to wear square geometric earrings, but the hand ornaments are very suitable, such as with a square ring.

(4) oval goose egg face: this face shape is not so much about it, almost can master all kinds of styles of jewelry, directly according to their preferences to choose, but pay attention to the coordination with the clothing.

(5) diamond-shaped face: diamond-shaped face is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin, the most suitable pendants and earrings are teardrop-shaped and other styles with curves and widths, the lower edge is large, the upper edge is small. You can also choose exaggerated earrings with long lower extensions and long jeweled hair cards to make up for a forehead that is too narrow. Diamond-shaped, inverted triangle to avoid.

2. Skin color.

Principle: Contrast & proportionality & contrast

Taboo: same color bunching

According to the accepted classification in the beauty industry, it can be divided into the following categories

Reddish: Reddish skin is recognized as a moving complexion, the most prominent advantage of people with red complexion is that the natural native skin tone at the neck. Therefore, the best choice is the magnificent colored jewelry, the icing on the cake, can maximize the beautiful and moving qualities of the red skin tone.

Recommended: earrings set with rubies and sapphires, gemstone necklaces with pendants. (Necklace has a very good finishing effect on the neck)

White: The best choice for fair-skinned young princes is also colored jewels of various colors, brightly colored K gold necklaces and rings. However, it is not suitable to wear platinum jewelry, white stones, such as crystals, pearls, they will make you look paler.

Recommended: pink garnet, hibiscus stone, light pink gemstones, which can increase the redness of your skin and show more vitality and vitality.

Slightly yellow & gray-cyan: these two skin tones can be combined to say that when our skin is yellow or gray-cyan, what do we most want it to be?

Well, of course, I hope it can be a little white, right, that we choose jewelry with the time, we should choose to have a "bleaching" effect of jewelry, white skin color taboo is the best match for this kind of skin color.

Recommended: crystal, pearl, platinum, platinum with light-colored stones. Not appropriate to wear the same color as the skin tone of the yellow crystal, tea crystal and other jewelry, that will make your skin look more yellow, yo!

Darker: darker skin fat friends, the best choice is a warm mid-tone jewelry, this type of jewelry for dark skin has an excellent visual transition, so that it does not look so black.

See here, some people may have questions: dark skin tone is not more need to "visual bleaching"? Why not wear white jewelry, such as platinum pearls and crystals and so on?

Well, this idea is very good, but we should note that if the match makes the contrast too strong, thus exposing the defects of the skin tone, then this is inevitably undesirable.

Recommended: tea crystals, topazes, rubies, garnets, etc., which are in the mid-tones.

A general principle, is to use the characteristics of jewelry, to maximize our own strengths and weaknesses to play a role in avoiding shortcomings.


(1) tall body.

The tall body type is easy to scare away the little brother, so we want to weaken this strong sense, increase the sense of softness and delicate sense. Of course, it is not suitable to wear too small jewelry, such as small earrings fine necklace, that looks uncoordinated, easy to give people the feeling of small family.

Can choose some horizontal proportion of more vertical proportion of less jewelry, such as short necklaces, medium-sized earrings, etc..

(2) Petite body.

Petite women are more suitable for delicate and small jewelry. Not appropriate to wear the size of too large jewelry, long V-shaped necklace, large pendant, wide ring, etc. are not desirable, that looks very abrupt very mismatched very uncoordinated.

(3) short fat fat friends.

The most prominent feature of short fat body is the horizontal occupation is relatively large, in view of the contemporary aesthetic is slender body shape, so we should choose slender, simple shape of the necklace to stretch the visual effect of the vertical occupation ratio. Earrings, rings should be thick and thin appropriate, too thick and short fat whole piece to go, too thin and will not match the thicker fingers.

(4) tall thin thin friends.

This figure of friends easy to give people a sense of thin and slender, just like a bamboo pole, and not beautiful. High thin is too much vertical ratio, so we have to broaden the horizontal ratio, which can make people more full three-dimensional.

So should be with a larger area of multi-loop necklace, horizontal accounted for more jewelry, wide bracelets, rings, large earrings, etc., to achieve enhanced horizontal visual effects, weakening the effect of thinness.

Fourth, according to the occupation, with the occasion scene to select
Occupation and with the occasion has a strong correlation, because there are too many kinds, we will simply talk about a few principles.

1, if your occupation and with the scene belongs to a strict class, such as teachers, lawyers, administrators, etc., then you should choose simple lines, shape is not exaggerated, the color is not fancy jewelry.

2, if your occupation and with the scene belongs to the type of rigor is not required, then you can choose according to personal preferences and mood.

Five, according to the budget selection, compare brands & prices to determine
OK, after the above heavy screening, we finally came to the step of "talking about money hurts feelings".

We know that there are many kinds of gemstones, different materials of gemstones, the effect of wearing different, of course, the price is also different.

So it's time to make a trade-off: do you want a unique effect, or do you want a price that is one in a million?

Or, do you want the best value for money?

What you want is different, and the choices are naturally different.

For example, you determine that you only need a red gemstone ring according to the above selection principles (how big and what formation is not clear here.) Then you will have a variety of choices: synthetic rubies, natural rubies, spinels, garnets and so on.

Then you can determine what kind of material according to your budget range.

Finally, you will certainly consider the brand and price comparison, above you have determined, then just take a good determination of the desired purchase model to the various jewelry brand merchants for price comparison, style selection can be.